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What my guests are saying!

"Where do I begin? I have been going to Susie for about 3 years now. I haven't always had curly hair and when I decided to go on the curly hair journey and learn how to deal with the curls, Susie showed me the way! She has shown me how to style and take care of my curls, what products to use, and most of all to love the curls.
She does a fantastic job and she will be my stylist for many years to come!
Not only is she a great stylist, she is a great human. Thank you for everything, Susie!!" - Erin B.

"Susie has been my stylist for almost 20 years. I’ve followed her from other salons. She listens to my hair needs and knows exactly what I need. She has been with me through hair dye, highlights, going natural with my gray, growing out phases and “chop it all off” phases. I don’t have curly hair but I’ve seen the beautiful results she gets with her curly hair clients. She is truly an artist.
I am always happy and relaxed when I leave the salon. I get compliments on my hair all the time.
Susie is an amazing person. She is kind, compassionate, insightful and a really good listener." - Laura C.

"I love this salon. Susie does a really nice curly cut They recommended good products for your curly hair and are always very friendly. My hair has never been curlier." - Emily K.

"I have been a client of Susie for several years, I would follow her anywhere. She is now at Me My Curls and I. I can see why she made the move from a larger noisier salon to this salon. It is much calmer and I get pampered at every step. The salon uses all natural ingredients so there is no strong chemical smells permeating the salon. The salon offers many other treatments as well . I look forward to my regular appointments where I can now relax in a soothing environment." - Janice R.

"Jeez. Where do I start???
First let me say, if you’re on a curly hair journey and you don’t know who to turn to… go to Susie. Please. Stop reading and just go.
I have curly hair and had it since the day I was born. Overtime I thought I needed to straighten it to feel good, but ultimately it’s distanced me from myself. And my journey back to my curls has begun. Susie is the only one for me. She does an amazing job explaining all the things and brought me back into a relationship with MY own curls. Thank you so much Susie! It’s beyond words :)" - Carley E.

"I have been seeing Susie for 3 1/2 years since I moved to San Diego. Susie is so wonderful in every way. Not only do I enjoy my time with her while I’m getting my hair done she does such a fantastic job that after a few months I am counting down the days till I get to see her again! I always get a curl by curl trim from Susie and she always does touch ups for me on any grays I have. She has also done full subtle hi and low lights on me which look amazing and she never pushes me to do anything that she knows I may not feel comfortable with once I walk out the door. She also just seems to know what I want, even with the different styling. I have very long curly/wavy hair and she has helped give me so many ideas on what to do or how to make it work the best for me as I am not good in that department. Susie is so patient and thorough and so very kind and I just love going to see her. I would highly recommend her to anyone." - Susan E.

"They say no one knows your curls better than you, but I beg to differ: Susie helped my curls/waves truly come to life for the first time. I got my first curly cut with Susie - from the moment I walked in, her calming, reassuring energy was just what I needed. She reassured that there was a space for us wavy-haired gals in the curl community (they're not "failed curls!") and has created a space that feels so safe and so comfortable - truly the best experience (and best haircut) I've had in my life. She calmed my nerves, checked-in with me throughout the cut, provided amazing curl education and talked me through techniques to try on my hair.. as she said "if you can't replicate this look, then I haven't done my job." I've since washed and styled on my own, and it still looks fabulous! The cut wears beautifully and as a new mom, I appreciate that I can replicate the look in the 10 minutes I have! It's the curliest, healthiest my hair has been, and it's also the most "me" I've ever felt - Susie asked "tell me about yourself... who are you?" when trying t get a feel for the vibe I was going for. Honestly, when was the last time a stylist cared that much?!" - Tess N.

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