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5 Questions Your Need To Ask Your Stylist If They Are Not A Curl Specialist

60% of the world has some type of curl pattern. Your curls are unique that is why I recommend asking these questions at your next hair appointment.

Let's dive right into it! The very first question I would ask my stylist is: What is your experience or expertise with cutting curly hair? I say start with this one because in school we are trained on cutting hair. Now yes curly hair is hair; however we are all taught that all hair is the same. That means wash, section, cut, style and finish. It's essential to gauge the specialist's familiarity with curly hair. Inquire about their training, certifications, and previous experience working with clients who have similar hair types to yours. This question helps establish their level of expertise and ensures they have the necessary knowledge to handle your curls. Because trust me, we have all walked out one time or another wishing we did not get what we got.

Another question that I would ask is: Can you recommend what type of haircut will work best for my curl pattern and face shape? I am sure you already know this, but curly hair has unique characteristics and just like a haircut for someone with straight hair, your stylists should know what will work best for your curls and face shape. It is also best if you go to your appointment with inspiration of what you like as well.

As a Curl Specialist, I will never let you leave without knowing exactly how I styled your curls. So you guessed it, my next question that your stylist should be able to answer is: How can I maintain my curls at home? Ask for tips on products, styling techniques, and a recommended haircare routine. Understanding how to maintain your curls properly can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your hair between salon visits.

Moving on, your stylist should also talk to you about what NOT to do to your curls that could lead to damage. So I would ask: What should I avoid doing to prevent damage to my curls? Curly hair can be more prone to damage and unruliness if not handled correctly. Inquire about common mistakes people make with curly hair and ask for specific practices to avoid. This could include using certain styling tools, techniques, or products that could potentially harm your curls or cause excessive dryness or breakage.

And just like that, your appointment has come to an end, your stylist should talk with you about at home care and how to style your hair in between appointments. Can you teach me how to style my hair at home? If you struggle with styling your curls at home, ask the specialist to demonstrate or guide you through proper styling techniques. This can include advice on diffusing, scrunching, plopping, or any other techniques that can enhance your natural curls. Understanding how to style your hair effectively can help you achieve the desired look and maintain your curls' health and definition.

Remember, effective communication with your stylist is key to achieving the best results and ensuring you're satisfied with your haircut and the subsequent care of your curls.

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